I like pigeons. All birds really, but working in downtown Hamilton has allowed me greater access to pigeons. And, as it turns out, I find them endearing. The ones downtown walk between the people like they belong there. They even cross the street with the humans, seemingly forgetting that they can fly. They’ll even stop with the pedestrians waiting for the light to change. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen an animal do, even if it is out of sheer stupidity. So I’ll sit in the park on my lunch break and watch the birds.


When people hear this, they invariable tell me that pigeons are just rats with wings. To which I must reply, ALL birds are rats with wings. They all carry the same lice, parasites, and mites as pigeons, but OTHER birds have better publicists. So I choose not to discriminate against the lowly pigeon.


So why a pigeon? Because I AM a pigeon. I walk around, forgetting that I can fly. And I, like most people, look at the people around me and think that I’m less than because I’m not super skinny, or pretty, or rich. But the truth is, like the lowly pigeon with its flaws, I’m just the same. The same flaws and the same hopes and the same fears as everyone else. And, like the pigeons downtown, I’m friendly! I’m happy to perch next to you and have a conversation (and maybe steal one of your fries).